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This is what people had to say about past ENGAGE! Programs:

"It was a mind-blowing interactive session that will help you make the right decisions in seeking to build a healthy life and relationships."

"The keynoters are amazing brothers!"

"The format and content of this conference were excellent!  I especially appreciate the de-emphasis on large group formats and the deep practicality.  I will be recommending this in the future."

"The Meeting of Minds format was highly practical and applicable to ministry leaders--greatly appreciated!"

"The Meeting of Minds format was excellent for more content, questions, and interaction."

"The conference was generally well-thought through and the needs of society addressed."

"The children's ministry workshop was so wonderful and it helped me to wake-up for boys and girls."

"Loved the concept that the Meeting of Minds offers...to have 3 approaches to the same overall topic."

"This was a very good learning experience for me.  I've learned a lot of good things that I can use in my ministry."

"Really liked the Meeting of Minds format."

"I am new to Minnesota and had no contact with you all.  The only reason I came (from a human perspective) was to have time to hang out with my young staff guys.  Wow!  God spoke to me directly multiple times.  This was the best one-day event I've ever attended. Thank you!"

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Click-On to any title below to listen to the audio recordings of previous programs:

Opening & Closing Sessions   Opening with Bob Moeller - Things Will Never Be the Same Again and Why That's Good News -  Closing with Natt Miller - Still, This Gospel of the Kingdom

Children's Track--Understanding the Child Behind the Mask--Mandy Johnson

Children's Track--Understanding the Leader Behind the Mask--Mandy Johnson

Youth Track--Navigating Restrictions with Flexibility--Scott Volltrauer

Leadership Track--Four Keys to Leadership in the New Normal--Eric Hulstrand

Leadership Track--Five Common Mistakes That Lead to Trouble--Eric Hulstrand


October 7, 2023

8:45 am - 3:00 pm

Cornerstone Church - Crystal, MN

A one day conference that addresses key issues in church ministry and aims to provide solutions for each church that attends so that everyone can go back to their local ministries with new ideas to do the disciple-making task better than ever.  Program details are being developed now and will be reported here as soon as they are available.  For now, mark the date and plan to join us!

Enjoy last year's ENGAGE program on video...a great session that encouraged and challenged everyone who attended:

Click for video link.