The services of both Executive Director Timothy A. Johnson and Associate Director 

Rev. Natt E. Miller, II

Timothy A. Johnson  holds the B.A. in History/Secondary Education from TrinityInt'lUniversity; the ThB and ThM from AmericanBibleCollege; the 

Doctor of Divinity from St.Thomas-a-BecketUniversity of Canterbury

ordination in the Evangelical Free Church of America, and has been conse- 

crated as Bishop of MCMA, Africa Chapter.  He served on the pastoral 

staff at Central Free Church in Minneapolis(1980-84) and since 1984 as 

Executive Director of the MCMA, and in several churches and organizations 

as a consultant. MCMA offers training for pastors and church leaders in the United States and also in a growing program on the continent of Africa.  MCMA Africa is cetnered in Nigeria and reaches across from West to Central and to  East African nations.  He is the author of  Celebrate What Is!; Christian Perspectives in the Public Square, Power Motivation for church leaders, and The Gospel Nudge: How A Mentoring Mindset Accomplishes the Mission of the Church.   He lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota USA with wife Mary, son Jeffrey, daughter Andrea, their spouses and children.

With his background in education, church ministry, and inter-church activity, Dr. Johnson enjoys a growing ministry with church leaders throughout this area including:








Dr. Johnson is pleased to consult with you to tailor something specifically for your event. Honoraria for these presentations are negotiable. Call Tim at the MCMA office to talk over how you may wish to have him serve at your church!  For a more complete listing of Tim’s presentations, call or email him at MCMA anytime. 

Honoraria for his appearance at your church are negotiable.

Rev. Natt E. Miller, II, was appointed in 2013 as Associate Director of the 

Minnesota Church Ministries Association.

Rev. Miller comes to MCMA with an impressive resume of service in the 

local church and in inter-church ministry in both Africa and the United States. 

Natt is a Pastor - Teacher with a desire for Christian leadership development, 

youth education and discipleship. He has accomplished this through biblical 

counseling, marriage and relationship programs, teaching and impartation to 

prepare people to live Christ-centered lives.
An ordained minister, Pastor Natt Edwin Miller, II received Christ at a tendered age, nurtured by a combination of Sunday school, Church youth and Christian Radio broadcast activities in His native Liberia, West Africa. He has a back ground in Mechanical engineering, and Christian ministry. Natt’s work with war affected persons and post crisis related cases in and out of Liberia and his involvements in several international seminars, retreats and conferences on leadership, counseling, discipleship, ministry and human development, generally have added immensely to his knowledge, perspective and interest in the advancement of the total person.
 A Minister with the Christian Interdenominational Assemblies (CHRIDA) –  A growing ministry with networks in Liberia, Ghana and the USA, Pastor Miller lives together with his wife and family, in Darby, Pennsylvania.
Executive Director Timothy Johnson met Natt on a flight between Monrovia, Liberia and Accra, Ghana a few years ago. The conversation on that plane has grown into a strong working relationship that is bearing fruit in the ministry of MCMA here and around the world. Rev. Miller is based in Philadelphia, has established a local assembly there; has built the Leadership Empowerment Forum, a pastors' network in that area; leads the monthly Global Prayer Network of MCMA, a telephone based prayer platform, and is involved in the Africa ministry in regular travel with Dr. Johnson.  His leadership has already been recognized and celebrated in all these contexts and the entire constituency of MCMA worldwide has been blessed.

Matt Stacey is our most-recently added member of our team, Associate Director of Ministry Development.  He has been a member of our Board of Directors and a vocal supporter of our ministry over the last several years.  He is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Long Prairie.  He helps keep the interests of smalltown Minnesota in focus in our ongoing strategic discussions.  His pastoral experience combined with a strong educational background prepares him well for his role as he helps the Board of Directors explore the best paths forward in offering the ministry MCMA endeavors to provide.