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How should Christians approach important contemporary issues like war, race, creation care, gender, and politics?

Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues  -     By: Joshua D. Chatraw, Karen Swallow Prior
Christians in every culture are confronted with social trends and moral questions that can be difficult to navigate. But, the Bible often doesn't speak directly to such issues. Even when it does, it can be confusing to know how best to apply the biblical teaching.

In Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues authors Joshua D. Chatraw and Karen Swallow Prior first offer a broadly accessible framework for cultural engagement and then explore specific hot topics in current Western culture including:

·         Sexuality

·         Gender Roles

·         Human Life and Reproduction Technology

·         Immigration and Race

·         Creation and Creature Care

·         Politics

·         Work

·         Arts

·         War, Weapons, and Capital Punishment

Featuring contributions from over forty top thinkers, proponents of various views on the specific topics present their approaches in their own words, providing readers an opportunity to fairly consider options.

Unique in how it addresses both big-picture questions about cultural engagement and pressing current issues, Cultural Engagement provides a thorough and broad introduction useful for students, professors, pastors, college ministers, and any believer wanting to more effectively exercise their faith in the public square.

Enjoy three 90-minute discussions led by MCMA Executive Director Tim Johnson via Zoom on this comprehensive volume addressing the major issues of the day from a Christian perspective.

There will be a Greater Minnesota and Metro Area section for each of the 3 sessions in this series:


SESSION              GREATER MINNESOTA     METRO AREA             


Session 1                  Thurs. Sept. 10                            Thurs. Sept. 17                 This schedule is designed

Chapters 1-5            9:00-10:30 am                            9:00-10:30 am                 to divide the participants

                                                                                                                                                     in each session so that there

Session 2                  Thurs. Oct. 8                               Thurs. Oct. 15                   are not too many in any one

Chapters 6-9           9:00-10:30 am                             9:00-10:30 am                Zoom meeting.  If the other

                                                                                                                                                     section on one or more of the

Session 3                  Thurs. Nov. 12                             Thurs. Nov. 19                 dates is more convenient for

              Chapters 10-14        9:00-10:30 am                             9:00-10:30 am                you…please join us then!


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Our most recent book study was a very stimulating and instructive round of discussions!