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In the months of February through April, please join us for a very stimulating look at Pastor Rich Villodas' challenging new volume, THE DEEPLY FORMED LIFE: Five Transformative Values to Root Us in the Way of Jesus.  As leaders in the church we need to do our own soul development so that we can properly direct the people in our charge.  This book looks at the deeper life of spirituality that we need to pursue and help our people to embrace as well.  Expect to be challenged in your own mind and spirit and equipped to better lead your people in their discipleship.  Practical steps to escape the shallowness of 21st century American life will include help toward racial reconciliation, sexual propriety, personal disciplines of discipleship, and developing a missional presence in the current culture.  This may be the most transformative read we have engaged in since we started our Pastors' Roundtable series.  Please join us for these important sessions.  We offer a discounted $15 charge for the book; you may also download it for a couple of dollars less from Amazon or Christian Book. You may remit that $15 by check to MCMA at PO Box 1186 - Minnetonka, MN  55345 - OR visit our homepage and click on to the DONATE button.

These engaging discussions will be held once again via Zoom...even if you can join us for only one of these sessions....we still would love to have you with us!
Thursdays at 9:00-10:30 am
Session 1:  February 18, 2021
Session 2:  March 18, 2021
Session 3:  April 15, 2021
Zoom Meeting ID:  5040685417
Passcode:  Proverbs47
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Tim Johnson, Executive Director

With the heart of a pastor, the mind of a scholar, and the voice of a friend, Rich Villodas offers a book for our time. All around us is evidence that Christians have, in Villodas’s words, been “formed by a shallow world.” The path to a deeper spirituality is an ancient path, but guiding people along it in the third decade of the 21st century requires surmounting the obstacles of our day. The Deeply Formed Life offers a rare combination of timeless truth and timely direction for restoring balance, focus, and meaning within our souls. —Richella Parham, author of A Spiritual Formation Primer and Mythical Me